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Importance of High-Quality SEO for your Business’ Website

on June 9, 2017

Evolution of Marketing

Marketing a business is not the same today as it was a decade ago. Whereas one might have picked up the phone book to search for a handyman, or checked the newspaper to look into buying a new house, today the majority of those searches are placed online. With the growing age of the internet, people are spending much less time finding the “best” local option to give business to. Instead of calling multiple companies to check prices or compare services, consumers are opting for a search engine to do the hard work for them. A simple search query can give the consumer everything they need to know about the quality of a business, based on how close to the top of the results they land.

What can SEO do for my business?

Ask yourself a very important question: Have you ever clicked past the first page of a Google search when trying to find what business you are going to call up? Although rare, this is probably very unlikely. The common conception is that if a business comes up first in a search, then it must be more reputable and therefore a better business. Why would anybody opt for the 15th, 25th, or even 30th result when looking for the “best Mexican restaurant in San Diego”?

best mexican restaurant san diego

Truthfully, businesses that rank higher in search engines aren’t necessarily better businesses. In fact, these businesses are just doing a better job of marketing themselves online. Many businesses have never heard of SEO and are definitely not willing to work on a monthly budget for something like it. The fact is, however, that SEO is what will make any business be found by the people who are searching for it. If you know your business provides unbeatable service, quality results, or the best taste in town, take advantage of SEO to ensure that people are able to enjoy what you offer.

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Importance of High-Quality SEO for your Business’ Website

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