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CampPress: A 2-3 Day Social Experience for Geeks and Creatives

on May 7, 2015

I attend WordCamps on a regular basis and have often joked with attendees as well as organizers that there should be a WordCamp where people camp out. GoDaddy’s WordPress evangelist, Mendel Kurland, is taking it upon himself to turn the joke into reality. He’s in the preliminary stage of planning CampPress.

CampPress is a 2-3 day social experience for geeks and creatives to disconnect from technology to focus on community and creativity. The event is an adult geek summer camp infused with burning man values and is not affiliated with GoDaddy. I asked Kurland what his inspiration is to organize such an event.

“As creative professionals, sometimes we forget to disconnect. CampPress is inspired by the simpler lives we lived as kids, where social interactions and creativity were the hallmarks of great growth experiences. Traditional conferences are incredible at transferring knowledge and skills and creating personal connections. CampPress is about deepening connections between participants and strengthening bonds that encourage collaboration within the community.”

Camp Campbell is a Possible Venue
Camp Campbell is a Possible Venue

Some items will be provided, including, food staples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with a preparation area, space to camp, a cabin or RV hookup depending on the final location, and ice for beer. CampPress will also have a Pit of Creativity. Information on what the pit of creativity is for will be published on the official CampPress site at a later date.

If you’re interested in attending, volunteering, or simply want to stay updated on the event’s progress, sign up to the updates list. Based on initial reactions in the comments, people are excited to see such an event take place.

I would love to camp out for a few days with members of the WordPress community and disconnect from technology at the same time. Let us know in the comments if you’re interested in attending such an event. Also, give us your suggestions for venues you think would be a good fit for CampPress.

Source: WP Tavern

CampPress: A 2-3 Day Social Experience for Geeks and Creatives

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