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WordPress Plugins Created by JP Bot May Not be Maintained After June 2015

on April 29, 2015

In late 2014, we went behind the scenes with Anas Sulaiman who goes by the username of JP Bot. Sulaiman is responsible for creating six WordPress plugins that are alternatives to popular Jetpack modules. We received a tip from a reader that the plugins will soon be retired. When browsing to any of the six plugins on, the following message is displayed:

Retiring on June 2015. JP plugins will not be maintained after the end of June 2015. Thanks for everyone who used these plugins. Special thanks for those who gave good ratings.

I asked Sulaiman why he’s retiring his plugins at the end of June. “As I said in the interview in 2014, I make sure my projects stay alive when I can no longer work on them. Now, I can hardly find the time to keep JP plugins up to date; hence, I posted that notice in the hope that someone from the community would step up and take the wheel,” he responded.

jp-bot-pluginsSulaiman confirmed that someone has taken over his plugins but has not worked on them for over a month. He remains hopeful that the person is still motivated. “Anyways, if no one would seriously pick up JP plugins, I’m considering updating them every six months, or perhaps quarterly or so. After all, there are 4000+ users who are counting on them,” he said.

I suggested that he add the adopt-me tag to his plugins to increase the chances an interested party will take them over. If you use any of the plugins developed by JP Bot, I highly encourage you to keep tabs on what happens after June 2015 as you might need to find an alternative.

Source: WP Tavern

WordPress Plugins Created by JP Bot May Not be Maintained After June 2015

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