WordPress Foundation Website Gets a Redesign

by on March 12, 2015

The WordPress Foundation website is sporting a fresh coat of paint, based on the Twenty Fifteen default theme released with WordPress 4.1 last December. The foundation exists to further the mission of the open source project, most importantly by ensuring free access to the software for years to come. It also serves to protect the WordPress-related trademarks and educate the public about the software.

With that mission at its core, it’s fitting that the foundation selected Twenty Fifteen for the new look. Matt Mullenweg, founder of the organization, identified Automattic employee Nick Hamze as responsible for the foundation’s updated design.


When we offered a first look at the design of Twenty Fifteen prior to its release, readers made it clear that this theme would be more enthusiastically received than any other default theme in WordPress’ recent history. Twenty Fifteen offers users a clean canvas that easily lends itself to customization.

Nick Hamze’s personal blog is another beautiful example of a Twenty Fifteen customization in the wild.


WordCamps in particular are making excellent use of the default theme as a base for their event websites. WordCamp Maine 2015 is a prime example of how designers are creatively adapting Twenty Fifteen:


WordCamp London 2015 organizers used the default theme to bring a grunge look to their site with the help of Google fonts and spray paint style backgrounds.


Armed with a unique background image and a little bit of color inspiration, it’s easy for anyone to make their own totally unique version of Twenty Fifteen. Thanks to the options built into the customizer, you may not even need to create a child theme.

Where else have you seen Twenty Fifteen in the wild?

Source: WP Tavern

WordPress Foundation Website Gets a Redesign

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