Why WordPress?

Why have millions of people turned to WordPress? What started out as a simple blogging platform with a handful of users has made its mark all over the world. Why has it experienced tremendous growth and become so popular?

Simply stated, WordPress is easy, simple and flexible for just about anything. It has evolved into a versatile content management system that gives you the ability to create a fully functional website.

Many top brands have websites that are powered by WordPress. These include household names like Google, Disney, Facebook, CNN & LinkedIn. As of January 2015, WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites.

We have many years of experience with WordPress and can assist you with all of your needs, whether it be choosing a theme, building your site or fully managing it for you. We want to help you focus your efforts on growing your business and let us worry about growing your WordPress site.

WordPress Development


Rest-assured that you’re working with a group of individuals with extensive hands-on experience and the passion and drive to help your business succeed. We can deliver whatever you need, from a cost-effective website or a complete solution with custom designs and fresh and relevant content.

Everyone on our team has their own specialty so you know that you’re getting the very best services available. Our group of developers and designers have a keen eye for excellence. And our support team is highly praised for their exceptional customer service.

With thousands of WordPress projects that range from small blogging solutions to large-budget enterprise-sized implementations successfully completed, you know your website is in good hands. Another way we separate ourselves from everyone else is that our web development services are included with all of our accounts. We want to make sure that you receive the support you need every step of the way without the expensive price tag.

Whatever your goals may be, to provide useful information to your visitors or to capture leads, we can turn your vision into reality with our WordPress development services. We’re confident that we can create a responsive and functional website that will produce exceptional results.

WordPress Site Management

We’ll Focus On Your WordPress Site While You Focus On Growing Your Business.


WordPress Updates

All website updates are automated so you’ll always have the latest WordPress version. You never have to worry about installation or technical issues ever again. That’s why we’re here!


Plugin Updates

Right when the newest version of your WordPress plugins are released, we instantly update your site. We get ahead of it so you don’t have to deal with outdated plugins that crash.


Fresh & Relevant Content

You’ve heard that “Content is King.” High-quality content is your best tactic for showing up on search engine result pages so that’s exactly what we provide for you.


Security Monitoring

With websites being compromised all the time, the security of your site is number one on our list. We monitor your site closely for any potential threats and root out any vulnerabilities.


Manual Site Check

Site checks are performed regularly for issues that come up, like broken pages, forms, functionality, etc. If something needs our attention, we fix it right away.


Uptime Monitoring

Can you imagine finding out that your site was down for a few days and you had no clue? We monitor everything here so you won’t ever have to worry about that.


Unlimited WordPress Support

We’re here to support our clients every step of the way. Our team is highly responsive and ready to help. We’ll get your problems resolved quickly and efficiently.

High-Powered WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress Hosting Services Included With All Of Our Accounts.


Advanced Technology

Since page-load speed is such a huge factor in today’s world, our hosting services are a 100% dedicated to WordPress websites with technology specifically built to optimize its performance.


Incredible Speed

Your site will be the fastest it can possibly be. Google wanted it fast and we delivered. Google incorporates your page-load time into your site’s search rankings so we have you covered.


WordPress Hacking

We take the security of your site very seriously. With so many sites being compromised these days, we closely monitor any suspicious activity and perform regular scans.


Secure Back Ups

A one-click back up and restore option is provided at no additional cost. No more extra charges! WordPress security updates are also installed so you can rest easy.


Security Updates

You’ll have stable, secure hosting at your fingertips. We install WordPress security updates at no extra cost. Have peace of mind knowing that we have your back.


Unlimited WordPress Support

We have a proactive team that is always ready to assist in any way possible. Not only do we provide great services, but we’re known for our reliability and expertise.

Premium WordPress Themes

If you don’t know which WordPress theme to use, we’re here to help you figure it out. We offer themes that come free with an SEO account, and we have a huge premium WordPress theme collection to choose from. In addition, we have other themes that are also available for a minimal cost. Explore the different options below.


Elegant Themes
(Free With an SEO Account)


Theme Forest


Template Monster

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