Content Development Case Study


Content Development Case Study


Client: Colenzing started with the idea of helping individuals take control of their health and build a healthy lifestyle.  With the help of Dr. Bernard Jensen, they have innovated colon hydrotherapy, the home colon cleansing process and created a program of healthy eating, digestive cleanse formulas and a colon cleanse program to help individual control their digestive health.

Content Development Services: The client wanted to have his website rebuilt and optimized. Part of the optimization process was to add quality content to his site. His site needed a complete overhaul and more original content.

Strategy: After a complete analysis of his website, we suggested a rebuild. We picked a responsive theme that would greatly improve the functionality of his website. After the rebuild, we started the SEO process and address all the outstanding issues. One key element missing was a blog section. We created this page for him and started a library of fresh and relevant blog articles.

Success: By growing his content, he is gaining more visibility and traffic.  Our client did not have the time to dedicate to this process. We specialize in creating unique content that speaks to your audience. We were able to fully optimize his content for all the popular search engines.

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