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Cloudup Refreshes Its Web Interface and OSX 10.10 Desktop App

on April 17, 2015

Cloudup, the file storage and sharing service acquired by Automattic in 2013, has refreshed its web interface. Many of the changes are subtle and place more emphasis on your content.

Stats and FAQ links have been moved under the account menu. On the desktop and mobile versions of the site, the add new file button is permanently fixed to the bottom right part of the screen. Streams have a better looking exit icon with less redundancy on the edit sidebar.

CloudUp Dashboard Web Interface
Cloudup Dashboard Web Interface

Cloudup for OSX 10.10 looks more modern and is fully compatible with Yosemite. The service has also made some architectural enhancements to improve scalability and security. Details of these improvements are not available, but the service plans to publish them at a later date.

I rarely visit the dashboard, but I appreciate these subtle changes. One thing I don’t like is having to click my avatar image to access the menu that contains account settings and other useful links. There’s nothing on the site that indicates this action is necessary. I think it should be a drop down menu to eliminate possible confusion. If not a drop down menu, then at least one text label next to my avatar image that when clicked, opens the menu.

Cloudup continues to be a service I value and use almost every day to quickly upload and share images and since Jetpack supports oEmbeds for Cloudup, embedding content into posts is easy. If you use Cloudup, let us know what you think of the service in the comments.

Source: WP Tavern

Cloudup Refreshes Its Web Interface and OSX 10.10 Desktop App

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