Andrew Nacin on Challenging WordPress Assumptions

on May 6, 2015

WordPress lead developer Andrew Nacin spoke at the php[world] 2014 conference on “Challenging Your WordPress Assumptions from 2009.” The video was recently published on YouTube and provides an excellent overview of the major ways WordPress has changed over the past six years.

Nacin explores common assumptions, such as “WordPress is insecure,” “WordPress doesn’t scale,” and “WordPress is not OOP,” among others. Some of these assumptions are false, some are true, some used to be true and others are partially true. If you’re a PHP developer who is new to WordPress or curious about how it’s changed over the years, this presentation will give you a quick 30 minute overview.

Check out the video embedded below to learn more about WordPress’ philosophy for building user-centered software, its commitment to maintaining backwards compatibility, and how major publishers and companies are using it in innovative ways.


Source: WP Tavern

Andrew Nacin on Challenging WordPress Assumptions

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